High level attendance & Productivity…Starts with healthcare.

Barriers to healthcare, high costs, and long waiting periods for appointments lowering employee attendance and productivity!

The solution is getting healthcare faster and more affordable. Here’s how Pashen Health DPC helps.

Pashen Health DPC offers affordable care through a monthly membership, which provides patients with unlimited appointments, upfront and affordable pricing, little to no wait times, same day or next day appointments, easy access to their provider, in-house discounted labs, EKG’s, sick/urgent visits and more. By utilizing direct primary care, employers have reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and saved employees thousands of dollars per year.

Here at Pashen Health DPC we do just that. Our plans offer the care that your employees deserve at prices they can afford.

Learn how Pashen Health DPC could be a good fit for your company, employees, and you by calling today!

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In addition, direct primary care memberships are recognized by the IRS to be utilized with a HRA or an FSA. Pairing a direct primary care membership with an HRA or FSA increases employee satisfaction, while increasing access to healthcare and saving money for both the employer and employee.

-Whats included in the membership –

  • Same or Next Day Appointments Guaranteed
  • No Co-Pays
  • Little to No Wait Times
  • Evenings & Weekend Access
  • HIPAA Secure App for 24/7 Communication
  • On-Site Lab Draws
  • On-Site Medication Dispensing
  • Medication Management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Sick/Urgent visits
  • Unlimited Communication

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