Are you struggling with losing weight or unhappy with your current body? Have you tried losing weight with crazy diets and it not staying off? Are you tired of being lied to by uneducated posts and influencers on social media?

If you answered, yes, to any of these questions, know that I have been there too. For years, I struggled with trying to lose weight, until I decided to stop with the diets and make a lifestyle change. When I made the commitment to myself to exercise, eat better, and make healthier lifestyle choices, I finally achieved the results I was looking for. Not only did I lose the weight, but I’ve kept the weight off and I’m healthier than I was before!

Now at Pashen Health, I offer the same keys to help you start a lifestyle change and become a new you. Through medically supervised weight loss, simple meal plans, nutrition, and exercise tips, you too can achieve the results you dream.

Trust Pashen Health to walk with you on your new lifestyle journey of change, and to never look back!

Our #1 Semaglultide weight-loss program:

A GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide) increases insulin production while inhibiting glucagon production. It works by reducing appetite, decreasing cravings, and slows gastric emptying, and is highly effective with producing weight loss.
*Prior labs within 6 months are required

Our #2 Phentermine weight-loss program

– Prescription stimulant appetite suppressant. When combined with a great nutrition and exercise plan you are guaranteed to have optimal results.
*Prior labs as well as ECG within 6 months are required

Real Results

Patient #1 is currently being treated by Pashen Health:

body weight progress

Starting weight: 273 Current weight: 244
Nutrition, Exercise, Medication plan (results are less than 1 month).

Patient #2 is currently being treated by Pashen Health:

body weight progress

Starting weight: 353 Current weight: 251
Nutrition, Exercise, Semaglutide, biweekly Lipo Plus &
B12 plan (results are less than 6 months).