Live a secure life knowing that no impending illnesses endanger your well-being.

Are you a health-conscious individual who finds relief in knowing their health status? Pashen Health offers preventive care and recommended screenings to help our members from specific age groups determine any underlying conditions at their earliest stages. With our expertise, we incorporate integral factors, such as your age, gender, lifestyle, and family medical history to produce accurate outcomes for each member’s assessments. Allow us to optimize your longevity through the power of early disease detection and preventative health.

Our Wellness & Preventive Care program encompasses the following services:

  • Annual and routine checkups
  • Referrals for (preventive) diagnostic tests and lab work (discounted lab prices available if completed in-house)
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and thyroid disease screenings
  • Provider guided self-monitoring
  • Follow-up visits and consultations as needed

*Initial annual physicals must be in-person to receive the most accurate and comprehensive assessment and care plan.

Does becoming a Pashen Health member pique your interest? We encourage you to learn more about our membership fees before enrolling. By applying for a membership, you will receive significant benefits in the long run.